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Island Iž

Island Iž


ou want to spend your vacation away from the noise of cars, away from the hustle and bustle of big tourist centers, in complete peace and quiet… You want to enjoy the smells of the clear sea, figs and olives, listening to the silence interspersed by the sound of waves and seagulls… , freshly caught fish and olive oil. Welcome to Veli Iz!

The island of Iž is located in the heart of Dalmatia. It is an untouched pearl of the Zadar archipelago, one of the 18 islands on the threshold of the Kornati National Park, 12 miles away from Zadar. 700 people live on the island during the year. Olive growing, fishing and seafaring are the main activities of the small population. The whole island is dotted with promenades that meander through green oases of wild herbs. This green paradise has about 70,000 olive trees and hundreds of species of wild herbs !!!

There are two larger settlements on the island, Veli and Mali Iž. Apartments ‘Villa Maria’ are located in a central place, Veli Iž, and are only 75 meters away from the sea.

In 25 minutes you can climb the highest hill - Korinjak (168 m) with a beautiful view of all parts of the world, and it is especially nice to experience sunrises and sunsets here.

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Explore the nearby island of Rutnjak with our sea kayaks

Villa Marie also offers several sea kayaks, two-seater (one can ride 2 adults and 1 child). Kayaks are easy to manage and safe. If someone is afraid of the depth, we have provided a "life jacket", also for children. In 10-15 minutes of light rowing you will reach the islet of Rutnjak across from Veli Iž - an ideal place for a complete, peaceful vacation in pure nature, just you and no one anywhere. Okay, maybe a few more Robinson like you, but you won't even notice it. Enjoy the deity of complete peace and pure, untouched nature!


The island of Iž - the Croatian island with the most sunny days of the year

Iž is the Croatian island with the most sunny days of the year. The sea is crystal clear and you do not need to walk long to the beach - the beaches are located along the entire town of Veli Iz - you can stop and swim wherever you want. The city beach is suitable for families with children, while tourists looking for peace will enjoy the secluded beaches and coves, located just 10 minutes walk from 'Villa Maria'.
On Iž, every moment is filled with countless possibilities. Here you can be constantly on the move, and everything is at your fingertips. You don't need to start the car in Veli Iž, because in 5 minutes of walking by the sea you will get wherever you go !! Attention - there is no ATM on Iž!
Modernly equipped marina, tennis courts, taverns with fish specialties and local food and shops with fresh fruits and vegetables are part of the offer to modern nomads in search of peace and the pleasure of solitude.
You can read more information about excursions, sports and recreation on Iž here.
Info on gastronomy and restaurant offerings in Veli Iž here.

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