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Customer Reviews

Nick Ragus and his wife Mary Anne from California, USA:

Iz is an island that is rugged and refined. The week my family and I spent there at the Villa Maria apartments in the village of Veli Iz was both relaxing and exhilarating. We hiked through olive groves and small vineyards, circumnavigated the island in a small fishing boat to explore secluded beaches and coves and swam and dove in clear blue water.   The Villa Maria apartments provided us with modern accommodations which included a full kitchen and bath plus a roomy balcony with a view of the village and sea. Each day ended on the balcony with a glass of wine and a plate of fresh fruits and cheeses while we watched the setting sun.

Nick Ragus, California, USA


Our guest Jadranka Matko, from Ljubljana, Slovenia::

I've been spending holidays on Iz for several years now. Iz is a beautiful island that thrills me with its clean sea, surrounded by gardens, olive and fig trees. Time from May to late summer in Iz is magical, beautiful flowers, oleander and bougainvillea, friendly people and clean sea. Especially nice is the experience of setting sun from the top KORINJAK (168 m). Almost every day we along with couple of friends climbed on Korinjak and enjoy the sun's departure, when the government is full peace, so you can hear the dolphins that swim the bay to Long Island. A special experience swimming with dolphins in the bay Drazica. The day we saw dolphins was special, and all day we felt joy and happiness. It is beautiful to walk through the island early in the morning and smell the pine trees and medicinal herbs. When we stayed at the hotel Korinjak, where he held various workshops and meditation to improve health, energy therapies and massages of all kinds, they took us to rent an apartment in the family home Strgačić. I liked the apartments have terraces overlooking the sea or Korinjak, so you can have breakfast, lunch and dinner outside and enjoy nature. Strgačić and family members are very polite, friendly and hospitable. In the end we felt as if we were in their relatives. Evenings are spent at the patisserie Slanac which has excellent ice cream and where it is always cheerful, because come on from different people, from artists to the sailors, so it is always interesting. We filled out with a back full of energy is hope that next year we will come again. To all who love nature and peace, I recommend that you spend the holiday on the island of Iz.