Getting to Iz

  • Getting to Iz has been the same since before Roman Times - one goes through the ancient Dalmatian City of Zadar. Zadar can be reached from anywhere in the world by air or sea and from anywhere in Europe by car, bus or train. Iz is 12 miles from Zadar by sea.
  • From Zadar to Iz there are convenient and reasonably priced scheduled services that run daily: four ships and two ferries. For schedule times refer to the ship and ferry offices in the port of Zadar or contact us by email and we will gladly provide the information.

  • Note the ship “PAULA” is the fastest ship and arrives at Iz in only 50 minutes.
  • Passage to Iz on the ferry boat is a relaxing 2-hour ride. It stops in Iz at the port of Brsanj three miles from Veli Iz. There is a bus free of charge from the port to Veli Iz marina.
  • Note in the summer of 2012 the new bridge between Ugljan and Pasman islands will be finished and will accommodate ferry boat passage. This will shorten travel time from two hours to one.