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Island Iz

Island Iz is truly a pearl in Zadar archipelago, it is your place if you would like to vacation far away from urban noise… isolated from the hustle of major tourist attractions and in complete peace and tranquility. Come to us and enjoy the beauty of the Mediterranean Sea!

Relax and stroll through the island amongst the aromas of fig, apricot and olive trees. Replace the sounds of the city with afternoon ocean tides brewing and the gulls calling. Enjoy the taste of the famous Iz olive oil with a meal of freshly caught fish and a good glass of wine.

        The Island of Iz is in heart of Northern Dalmatia and only twelve miles from the ancient City of Zadar. Iz has 700 year-round residents. Olive oil manufacturing, fishing and seafaring are the main occupations of the islanders. The island’s two main villages Veli Iz and Mali Iz are connected by roads which run through mature olive groves and land that contains many varieties of herbal plants.


We climbed up to Korinjak almost every day along with some friends, and enjoy the sun's departure, when there was complete peace, so only thing you can hear was the dolphins that swim along bay toward Dugi Otok. A unique experience was swimming with dolphins in the bay Dražica. That day when we saw dolphins was special, and throughout all day we were overwhelmed with feelings of joy and happiness.

Jadranka Matko, Ljubljana, Slovenia

Iz is truly a pearl in Zadar archipelago. It is one of eighteen islands on the doorstep of three national parks. Kornati National Park, made up of over 300 islands, is the crown jewel of the Adriatic and just six-mile boat ride away. Two other national parks on the mainland, Krka and Paklenica, are within 50 miles and can easily be reached for a day’s excursion.

        We also recommend excursions to the biggest lake in Croatia - Vransko Jezeero and the Zrmanja River Canyon which is one of the most beautiful canyons in Europe. In Veli Iz there is a modern fully-equipped marina. Tennis and basketball courts are also nearby as well as a bakery and a couple of markets for dry goods and fresh produce.

Be aware there is no bank teller on island and the only place to exchange money is at the post office.