Tienda Template

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Simpleshop comes with theming support for Tienda by Dioscouri, the excellent new e-commerce extension. If you haven't heard about Tienda or what it can do for you, visit the site to learn more about it.

Simpleshop requires you to use version 0.4.4, so if you have an older version you will need to update to use the functionality properly. We worked with Dioscouri to add some neat things that will give some nice functionalities, so upgrade if you have an older version.

Here is a quick list of some of the things that Tienda offers:

  • Unlimited Products (Physical & Digital)
  • Unlimited, Nested Categories
  • Unlimited Product Attributes (Size, Color, Toppings, etc.)
  • Product Reviews, Tags, Associations & Galleries (w/ FTP upload option)
  • Volume Based Pricing
  • Multiple Currencies
  • Multiple Payment & Shipping Options
  • Publication Dates for Products
  • Stock Levels According to Attributes
  • And more...

Using Tienda with the Simple Shop template

Simpleshop comes with overrides, but allows you to rely on the default styles of Tienda if you wish. The way to enable the Simpleshop overrides are to set the layout overrides in the category and products edit page. Currently there isn't a global override option, so its best to do this while you add your items from the start.

If you are new to Tienda and want to use it, we suggest trying out the quickstart package to get a store that is somewhat prebuilt. That way you have some basis for building the rest of your store with it.

Tienda currently comes in a Community version, but soon an Enterprise version will be available that will include many more features. If you have issues related to Tienda outside of the way that things appear in the Simpleshop template, you should direct those questions to Dioscouri. They provide reasonable support plans for both versions of Tienda, which would be well worth the investment to get your store up and running flawlessly.